Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

Carlson Toyota has the cleaning equipment you need to make your vehicle look showroom new for it's entire lifetime!Throughout the winter, the interior of one’s car can also become a tad bit cluttered and dirty. Trooping throngs of children through the backseats, bundled up in alternating layers of winter gear, snow, and dirt will leave its mark. This is nothing a once-over with a vacuum won’t fix. While a shop vacuum is created for heavy duty, industrial work, any household vacuum will do the job. Vacuuming the seats, floor mats, rugs, and trunk will remove any dirt and debris from the interior. If your car has vinyl or plastic mats, any household cleaner or even simple soap and water will work. To clean leather trim or seats, use a leather cleaner. Any stains can be removed with a rented steam cleaner, though this can become costly. For stains, use a spray-on carpet cleaner, testing it on a small patch of the interior fabric before using. Streaked, dirty windows can be cleaned with glass cleaner, spraying the cleaner directly onto the cloth before using to avoid further streaking.
Perhaps the most important part of spring cleaning a car is the maintenance. Winter can do damage hidden to the untrained eye, so it’s crucial to make sure everything is running smoothly before going for a joyride, and Carlson Toyota makes repair needs a top priority. Windshield wipers should be checked for damage from months of dealing with snow and ice. Pieces may be missing, and they might be leaving streaks on the windshield. To repair this, visit Carlson Toyota, where all blades or inserts are two dollars off just in time for spring. Winter also takes a huge toll on tires, so if your tires are looking bald or shabby, they may need to be replaced.  Right now, service three tires at Carlson and get the fourth tire for just one dollar! Checking under the hood, engine parts may need to be cleaned due to built-up grease. Use plain soap and water or a degreasing product. Make sure not to get electrical connections wet such as the fuse box, cable junctions, and the large electrical connectors near the firewall. The battery may have a whit crust of oxidation, so clean this with a damp rag soaked with a solution of water and baking soda. Though your car may be free of the remains of winter, it’s important to prevent spring from leaving its mark. The blooming flowers and blossoming trees are beautiful, but with these comes a yellow dusting of pollen. To keep pollen out of the inside of your car, it’s important to change cabin filters. Carlson is currently offering four dollars off all cabin filters to keep the pollen out of your vehicle and your lungs.  Though these tips are useful for getting your car ready for spring, you may want to leave the job to the professionals at Carlson, just to be safe.

Carlson Toyota offers express maintenance, with precision and quality service when you need it such as oil and filter changes, brake inspections, multipoint vehicle inspections, tire alignment, and fluid inspections. Carlson even offers complimentary car washes with service repair, so you can let the professionals take care of everything. Whether you choose to do it yourself or allow Carlson to make the job even easier and get your car ready for spring for you, once spring car cleaning is done, all that awaits is the open road.


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