A Google Review

At Carlson Toyota, we take great pride in the way we do business – we feel it’s our job to change your expectations about how the car buying experience should work.  It’s great to see when someone has noticed:

Shopping for a car is never fun, but I must say this time it was great. My wife and I went to Carlson to look for a used car for me and ended up leasing a brand new Camry. Wonderful car. Never thought I would buy a new car, but after we looked at some of the 2010 and 2011 Camry’s that Carlson Toyota had to offer. We found the that the used Camry’s that were available were either the wrong color or had a few more miles then I felt comfortable with or if they had the low miles than the payment was going to be a little more than I was planning to spend. It was at that point that our sales person, Sara, asked if we would consider looking at a NEW Camry. I said it would most likely be out of our price range. Sara took the time to explain that leasing may be a good way to get the Camry we wanted at a payment that was affordable. She was right! We drove the Camry home that night (Saturday). Could not be more impressed with our sales person or the rest of the people we met. We don’t shop for cars very often but when we do we are defiantly going to stop at Carlson Toyota. I was Surprised to read the review about the pricing issue that someone wrote. We found that all the prices were tagged on the cars we looked at and when we got home I checked the Carlson web site and saw that they had all the prices on the new cars listed on each one. When I checked the price on the one we bought with what was on our sales slips, it was the same. So I checked Rudy luthers and found that they DID NOT list the “sale prices” on there new cars. Walser does and so does Carlson Toyota. I say Check Carlson out , they were very good to me and my wife. Very good to work with. If had one complaint it would be that they need a few more used cars to look at….Building is outstanding, the cookies were good (too good) too.

Thank you so much for your kind words, we appreciate it!

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