Holiday Shopping for the Four-Wheeled Member of Your Family

Go on.  Admit it.  You treat your vehicle as though it was a living, breathing member of the family.  So when you are holiday shopping, why not get something for the family car?  Your car deserves to be on the “Nice List” for all the safe rides it has given you!

There is a gift for every purpose and for every car “personality”.  Spend as little or as much as you like.  Consider these items…


For under $10.00

Whistle Key Finder                                                          Bumper Stickers

Antenna Toppers                                                             Ice Scraper Mitt

 For under $20.00

Windshield Cover                                                            Family Car Stickers

Key Chain Personal Breathalyzer                               Digital Tire Gauge with Multi Tools

Heated Ice Scraper and Lock Deicer Set                 Shtick Driving Signs

Dashboard Shakers and Dancers                                 Personalized Sports Window Decals

5 in 1 EMS Lifesaver Hammer                                      Car Magnets

Heated Ice Scraper with Light and Telescoping Handle

For under $30.00

Personalized Car Mats                                                   Sun Visor Organizer

Trash Receptacles                                                            Personalized License Plates

Seat Saver Car Seat Towel                                            Heated Travel Mug

Personalized Car Activity Organizer                          Novelty Trailer Hitch Covers

For under $40.00

Spare Tire Cover                                                               Backseat Organizer

Wolo Fun Oooagh Car Horn                                         Gadget Charger

For under $50.00

Pet Travel Hammock                                                      Auto Emergency Kit

Lite Personal Fridge/Warmer                                      Car Booster Seat for Dogs

For under $75.00

Car Wash Gift Basket                                                      Hitch Safe Key Vault

Cordless Hand Vac                                                           Solar- and Crank-Powered Emergency Radio with LED Flashlight

For under $100.00

Single or Dual DVD Players                                           Personal GPS Tracker with Weather Information

For under $500.00

Radar Detector                                                                 Air Compressor

Whether you are stuffing or wrapping, a gift for your car will be appreciated by the passengers as well.  Some items can be found at your car dealership.  Others can be found at auto parts and accessories stores.  There are also many options on the internet.  Happy Shopping!



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