Holiday Travel: You “Auto” Go By Car!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  We all know there’s no place like home for the holidays, and many of us will make that trip by car.  Whether you’re dashing through the snow, going over the river and through the woods, or traversing afar, there are ways to prepare both your car and your family for the ride.

Let’s start at the beginning…

Getting your car ready means having your car serviced prior to departure.  Let your Carlson Toyota Service Manager know that you are preparing for trip travel.  The service team will check your tires, hoses, lights, brakes, and a host of other working parts to make sure that they perform properly when you are on the road.

Getting your family ready means packing suitcases or backpacks with weather and activity appropriate clothing and gear.  In addition, items for in-the-car entertainment can go a long way toward keeping the younger set occupied and happy.  Putting them in an easy-to-reach container will put the child in charge.  If you a traveling with pets, their items will need to be packed and conveniently stowed as well.

Before-trip readiness also means planning your route, keeping stretch stops, bathroom stops, and meal stops in mind.  Knowing where and how you’re going before you leave helps alleviate the stress that comes with having to make last minute, on-the-spot decisions en route.

While on the road…

In one word, anticipate.  Be aware of the travelers around you.  As the road gets more crowded, you need to be at a higher level of alertness.  Drive defensively, maintain a safe and lawful speed, and stay calm.  It is very likely that your fellow travelers are on the road for the same purpose as you and your family.  Safe and sound is the ultimate destination.

Family car trips can be life-long memory makers.  Whether or not the memories are pleasant can be partially attributed to how well you plan and drive.  The Carlson Toyota Family hopes that you and yours have a safe journey during this holiday season.  We look forward to hearing about your trip!


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