The 2015 Radical Toyota Prius is Out of the Bag!

Put away your crystal balls, and send the psychics home!  ESP isn’t going to help now!  Somebody just can’t keep a secret!  You know… Loose lips, anonymous sources, insider information, and all that.  Oh well, since it’s already out there I’ll tell you what I know… There WILL be another Toyota Prius, not in 2014 but in 2015.  Hold onto your socks, because it is going to do its best to knock them off!  Without getting too technical, here is the low-down…

The 2015 Radical Prius will be lighter and more efficient.  It’s actually losing over 150 pounds and its wedge-shape styling.  It will have a sleeker, lower profile.  Not only will this improve the overall look but it will also improve aerodynamics.  The U.S. Prius will see an improvement in miles per gallon to the tune of at least 60mpg.

Because of an increase in luggage space, the rear suspension system is being changed.  This revision will result in improved all-around stability and handling.

Four-wheel-drive will be a welcomed feature of the 2015 Radical Prius.  It will be driven by an electric motor in the rear wheels and will operate up to 37 miles per hour.  At higher speeds the vehicle will be a solely front-wheel drive car.

The 2015 Radical Toyota Prius… Better looks, better mileage, better handling…  If I told you how they did it I’d have to, well, you know the rest.  You won’t need a séance to connect with the 2015 Prius.  Just stop by Carlson Toyota.  We will show you the future now.

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