It’s Not Your Momma’s Avalon Anymore!

Mom and Dad have always liked driving their Avalon.  After all, it’s always been a nice, comfy, luxurious Mom-and-Pop kind of car.  Well, lock the doors, and hide the keys, because the kids are now going to like driving the Avalon, too!

Fully redesigned with a stiffer body and retuned suspension, the 2013 Avalon is now comfy, luxurious, AND sporty!  Improvements, enhancements, and upgrades have been made inside and out from bumper to bumper.  For instance…

  • New safety features include a blind spot monitor and a Rear Cross Traffic Alert System.
  • New technology includes in-console Qi wireless charging for mobile devices.  A charging pad is located in the center console.
  • The exterior has a sleek look that is the result of trimmed down dimensions, a new grill, and clustered, slit-eye headlights.
  •  Interior space exudes elegance and style in its use of both soft-touch and glossy materials, leather upholstery, and ambient lighting.  The roomy rear seat area has so much leg room that a livery model is available.
  •  The firm ride is due in part to improvements made in the suspension system.  It demonstrates a new responsiveness for the driver.  If that’s not enough, there are now transmission choices – Normal, Eco, and Sport.
  • The 2013 Avalon is also available in a hybrid model.  It is designed to go 40mpg combined.

The 2013 Avalon is as American as an automobile can get.  Its style was developed in Southern California and Michigan.  It was engineered at Toyota’s Technical Center in Michigan.  The vehicle was entirely built at Toyota’s manufacturing plant in Georgetown, Kentucky.  Can you say, “USA! USA! USA!”?  Carlson Toyota can!  We are proud to offer the 2013 Avalon and look forward to putting you in the driver’s seat!

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