Scenic Byways Made for a Carlson Toyota

Spring has sprung; the roads are clear
There’s lots to see not far from here.

Everybody’s a poet.  A GOOD poet gets inspiration from the beauty surrounding him or her.  There’s a lot of beauty very near Carlson Toyota in the form of Scenic Byways.

Very close to home is the Minneapolis Grand Rounds Scenic Byway.  The 45- to 55-mile loop begins at one of many access streets all over the city.  It goes through a wide variety of scenic, historic, recreation, residential, shopping, and dining areas in the heart of Minneapolis.  The city skyline is visible along the route.

Just 58 miles from Coon Rapids is Belle Plaine, where byway signs begin telling the story of the Minnesota River Valley National Scenic Byway.  This 300-mile drive follows the Minnesota River to Big Stone Lake.  It travels through farmlands, woods, and small river towns.  More than a day-trip, six State Parks are along the route to provide camping and related activities.

The 245-mile Glacial Ridge Trail Scenic Byway consists of several loops between Wilmar and Greenwood.  Extensions of the Byway go to Sauk Centre and Alexandria.  Melting glaciers left lakes, hills, and ridges in this area.  The tour goes through farmland, prairie, and woods.  The trip from Coon Rapids to Wilmar is approximately 101 miles.

A dramatic change in landscape from long vistas and rolling hills to rugged rocks, woods, and cliffs is what you will experience as you travel to “North Country”.  The 124-mile St. Croix Scenic Byway starts near Hastings, which is about 47 miles from Coon Rapids.  It runs north to just above Sandstone.

These scenic byways are among a network of 23 in the state of Minnesota.  They were designated as scenic byways because of their natural, historic, recreational, and/or cultural significance.  They offer an opportunity for relaxing road travel that was once the rule rather than the exception.  Carlson Toyota encourages you to take it down a notch and do some meandering.  We hope to see you along one of the byways soon!

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