SIENNAsational Summer Accessories

Carlson Toyota has the right vehicle for all of your summer adventures.  Known as the original “Swagger Wagon”, the Toyota Sienna has it all… style for the classiest of the classy, technology to stay connected and in the know, versatility for any size group and cargo, and safety for driver and passenger peace of mind.

Even though the Sienna has just about everything you can think of, there are a few items that you might want to add to enhance your summer driving.  Take a look at these summer car accessories…

Everyone wants to stay cool on those summer drives.  A windshield sun shade reduces the interior temperature by as much as 40 degrees by keeping out as much sunlight as possible.    The silver side reflects the sunlight, and the interior side insulates against heat.  Steering wheel and seat covers take the sting out of hot seats and steering wheel after your Sienna has been baking in the sun.  They also protect the Sienna’s upholstery.

Another way to stay cool in your Sienna is to have space around you.  If you are traveling with everyone and everything except the kitchen sink, you might want to add a roof rack or a roof top carrier.  Attachments for bikes, skis, and surfboards are available for most roof racks.  Roof top carriers are nowadays lightweight and easy to install and remove.  Both the roof rack and the roof top carrier are available in secure, lockable models.  They are useful for keeping your belongings out of your field of vision.

Summertime is outdoors time.  Sand, sweat, sunscreen, and wet bathing suits can wreak havoc on your Sienna’s floors and seats as well as your cargo space.  Seat covers come in a variety of materials and designs and can add a personal touch to your car’s interior while they protect it from damage.  Car mats that are tailored especially for the Sienna will provide the best protection against spills and other messes.

Exterior messes can be held at bay by stone and bug deflectors or car bras.  Both of them work to protect your Sienna from road debris, stones, and bugs.

There are lots of other items that are great additions for summer rides.  Have a boat or jet skis?  Get a hitch.  Have an RV?  Take the Sienna along with a tow bar.  Want cold drinks without the mess of melting ice?  Get a thermoelectric cooler that can be plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter.  The possibilities are endless.

The sales and service staff at Carlson Toyota hope that you and yours enjoy your summer travels.  Don’t forget to take your “swag”!

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